Székely Levente

8/17/22 ○ Reading time: 6 minutes
Rebellious youth – do they exist?
Before parliamentary elections, Hungarian public discourse was much concerned with the question of how young first-time voters will vote and to what extent...
7/19/22 ○ Reading time: 4 minutes
“Young people, where are you?” - Can young people determine the outcome of the 2022 election?
Although it is theoretically possible that young  people’s votes will determine the outcome of the 2022 Hungarian general elections, this is highly unlikely...
7/19/22 ○ Reading time: 3 minutes
What's wrong with youth? - The five most burning problems faced by the new generation
The presumption that there is a “problem” with youth is nothing new; even Ancient Greeks were concerned about their offspring. As a quote attributed to...