Youth Research Institute

The Youth Research Institute was established in 2021 in cooperation between Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) and Nézőpont Institute. MCC is committed to the mission of community building, and understanding generations, especially young people, is a key element to this. As a 25-year-old institution for talent development, MCC has always been involved in social research, but the focus on youth research has been brought even more into focus. The newly created institute has been involved in the educational activities of MCC, and it also intends to have an impact on the professional community through publications, the development of professional partnerships and well-planned, regular media appearances. They also plan to regularly publish research outcomes in peer-reviewed international journals and to build international relations with institutes with a similar profile. The Youth Research Institute seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the mindset of the young generation that is in the focus of the activities of MCC.
The Institute currently has five staff members, led by Levente Székely, a sociologist who also directs the work at the MCC Center for Sociology.