3/3/23 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Hostile Environment? – Religion and Academia in the United States
What are typical examples of hostility experienced by Christian students and academics in the United States? Are anti-Christian bias and free speech connected?...
2/17/23 ○ Reading time: 6 minutes
Youth communities are suffering from long Covid
Recent research by the Youth Research Institute shows that the effects of the coronavirus epidemic continue to be felt among young people in Hungary. Apart...
2/13/23 ○ Reading time: 9 minutes
Why Are the Middle Ages Showcased as the Ultimate Evil?
From Saturday Night Live to newspaper columns, the US Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has provoked furious backlashes, several...
2/13/23 ○ Reading time: 8 minutes
Values Under Siege — A Survey Mapping the Value Orientation of Western Europeans and Hungarians
In our continuously changing world—especially in periods when we see signs of crisis in almost all spheres of life—, the values along which our societies...
2/13/23 ○ Reading time: 5 minutes
The EU is making a huge mistake by excluding Hungarian students from Erasmus+ funding
Young Hungarians will vent their anger on the Brussels bureaucracy instead of the country’s maverick government.
2/13/23 ○ Reading time: 6 minutes
Why we should all follow the debate around Australia Day
An angry debate raging 15,000 kilometres from Budapest is instructive of the Left’s efforts to discredit and hollow out our shared moments of national...
2/13/23 ○ Reading time: 8 minutes
What the Greater Idaho Movement reveals about our divided societies
If Greater Idaho Movement campaigners have their way, the Gem State could become the first to gain substantial territory at the expense of another U.S....
2/13/23 ○ Reading time: 6 minutes
The War on Christmas revisited
In Hungary, even the communists failed to completely eradicate Christmas from the festive calendar. Across the contemporary West, however, the Christian...
2/13/23 ○ Reading time: 5 minutes
Thunbergism: Could Greta’s communist moment spell the beginning of the end?
The Swedish climate activist is transforming from a walking exclamation mark into an icon of the anti-capitalist Left. But by doing so, she risks losing...
1/6/23 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Social Values in Times of Crisis – The Psychiatrist’s Perspective
Dr. Anthony Daniels, also known by his pen name Theodore Dalrymple, visited Budapest in late October 2022 to deliver a keynote address at the Youth Research...