Scholars around the globe invited to contribute

In a significant stride towards fostering scientific discourse on youth, intergenerational dynamics, and sociology, our highly anticipated project has finally been launched: the Youth and Generation Studies (YGS) academic journal. The journal boasts an international board of editors, renowned in their respective fields, guiding the publication's scholarly pursuits.

This initiative aims to provide a platform for research and discourse within our field of academia, inviting scientists and scholars worldwide to contribute their insights and findings to the ever-evolving landscape of youth and generation studies.

The editorial board is comprised of esteemed academics and experts from around the globe, ensuring diverse perspectives and expertise. Editor-in-chief Levente Székely has been working in this field for over two decades and is currently a professor at the Corvinus University of Hungary and Director of the Youth Research Institute at MCC. Alongside him, Georgina Kiss-Kozma serves on the board of editors as well representing the Youth Research Institute as its Head of Research. Jennie Bristow author and professor at the Canterbury Christ Church University hails from the UK. The final addition to the Youth and Generation Studies editorial board is Swikrita Dowerah, SCMC, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) in India.

 Youth and Generation Studies is actively receiving manuscript submissions from researchers and scholars eager to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these aforementioned critical areas. See the 2024 call for papers here. Those interested in contributing to this endeavour can find detailed submission guidelines and further information on the YGS journal's official website. It will be published on a quarterly basis. All publications will undergo a double-blind peer review process.

As YGS opens its doors to the global academic community, it marks a significant milestone in advancing the discourse on youth and generation studies, promising to be a catalyst for impactful discourse in the years to come.